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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We, in modern society, are far removed from the origin of our food. We overlook the work & process of cultivation and the celebration of harvest. We take our good fortune for granted, and in most circumstances, fail to honor the journey.

Planting the seed within our children to be cognizant and mindful is an underlying principle within our school. The little ones are taught not the superfluous, but the root of a concept. Food included. The nursery/kindergarten class bakes bread each morning for snack. The grades children visit a farm and harvest vegetables to be prepared for their Sukkot festival.

This autumn, the younger children experienced an interactive Harvest Festival on October 11th. Colonial blacksmiths, weavers & spinners showed their processes, while hand-pressed apple cider was prepared and shared. Imagination ran abound as "horses were shod for the upcoming winter, " wool was spun for knitting warm clothing fireside" & "apples were harvested and pressed for nourishment and celebration." The autumn light cast it's sidelong rays and one could almost smell the apple pie baking.