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Thursday, May 6, 2010

In Bloom

Flowers dot the canvas of our lives. We celebrate among them, mourn with them & hopefully, somewhere along the way, run amidst fields of their beauty.

We explore them, count love upon them & scent our world in their fragrance. Each & every bloom embodies innocence.

Nursery/Kindergarden concludes each Wednesday with a nature hike. Coveting our innate connection to nature, this stroll is childhood personified.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On a Fair May Day

May Day's origin dates back to before the birth of Christ. Like many ancient festivals it has a Pagan connection. The may pole, per se, was used in Briton to usher in spring and ensure fecundity in crops and livestock. Villagers would go into the forest, cut down an appropriately sized tree, and decorate it in the town square with ribbons and flowers. The English may have inherited this festival from the Romans, who threw some legendary spring bashes of their own.

Sanderling looked to the Romans for inspiration on May 1st. Ringing in the rite of spring with true European fanfare. Traditional singing & dancing commenced the ceremony with dining and games following. For us veterans, the festival’s energy creates an aura lasting through the end of the school year. While those witnessing it for the first time found themselves lost in the gaiety. All in all, a legendary party in its own rite.

Embry Rucker captured some endearing shots, check out his slideshow.