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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dear friends and family:
Our school is having their annual fund-raising campaign. This holiday, while thinking about Christmas gifts, we’d like to ask you to consider a donation to our school. We hope you can help contribute. It’s truly a special place.
With love...

Santa Lucia

In Sweden, the Christmas celebrations begin with Santa Lucia. According to legend, Saint Lucia appeared during a great famine delivering food to the starving, her head encircled with light.

Traditionally, the daughter of the house wakes early and brings everyone a special breakfast in bed: sweet saffron buns, coffee and cookies. She is dressed in white, with a long red sash and a wreath with lighted candles on her head. She sings "Santa Lucia" as she makes her rounds.

Ms. Melanie's 2nd/3rd grade illuminated the halls with candle light and song on Monday, December 13th. The children passed out buns to their schoolmates, lending a sweet beginning to the last week of school before the holiday break.


We experience light during its transformations. Most poignantly, during the dying light of late November and its rebirth in early May. This observation is not merely external, but rather founded deep in our souls. We feel the warmth of the sun in our hearts, in the same way, we feel love in our lives. Our modern day separation from nature feels sometimes like exile. Our festivals strive to reconnect us. They become habit, tradition and if nothing more ... they are sentimental.

Winter Spiral is celebrated each December. A quiet, introspective ceremony centering around the confined light of our days. Each child walks the evergreen spiral, lighting a candle from the central flame, placing his illumination along the pathway as he exits. Amid the bustle of this joyous season, we find a softness, a calm in this night. Even if only for a few moments. We stop and reconnect.


Events color our lives, brightening the mundane, adding texture to the smooth flow of our daily routine. A time when everything seems more alive, with greater detail and intensity. As a community, occasions force us to pull together and give from ourselves beyond what we would normally consider. While to the outside, these celebrations portray a rainbow-hued sense of reality.... one full of invitation, energy and pure joy.

Sanderling hosted its 2nd annual Craft Fair on November 13th. Through hand-selected vendors, puppet shows, crafts, games, hand-pressed cider and savory baked goods, we showed the greater community who we are and what we stand for. Delivering not only a magical autumn day for our children and their families, but a colorful glimpse into our amazing little world.