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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Biology, Astronomy, Geography & Geology

The Waldorf approach to science is to cultivate an attitude of awe, allowing children to experience the marvels of science around them. Additionally, reverence and a training of the senses is considered vitally important to opening the way for scientific experiences. Furthering the belief, that humans can in fact be participatory observers of life, not merely outside observers.

Ms. Duckstad’s 4th/5th grade spent a 3-day excursion on Catalina Island submersing their senses in the natural world. On snorkel dives, the students explored the island’s kelp forest, rocky crags and experienced bio-luminescence firsthand as they witnessed plankton “light up” after dark. Studies of astronomy, geography and geology were conducted as they hiked the surrounding area - our beautiful planet providing the laboratory, classroom and textbook for this miracle we call life.