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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sugar Sweet

Do you remember your first farm visit? The amazing animals who seemed larger than life with mannerisms not too far off from your family pet. The vegetables & fruit growing in abundance around every corner. The sweet smell of hay... and the not so sweet smell of manure.

I remember my first outing, almost like yesterday. The opportunity to interact with creatures I had only seen in picture books was life-altering. I found a new appreciation for my morning milk and a saddened heart for my evening dinner. I understood vegetables were plants growing in dirt, much like my beloved trees and flowers. Most importantly, I realized life is precious and nothing, not even dinner, comes without hard work.

Ms. Maxine's Nursery/Kindergarten class explored Sugar Sweet Farm in Olivenhain this month. Perhaps it was an eye-opening experience...maybe not. Nonetheless, it looked like a wonderful day in the sun.