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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food for Thought

There is something beautiful & sweet about packing your child’s lunch for the day. Almost serving as a bridge between home and school, food from mom (and/or dad) creates a sensory reminder for our little ones of where they are from and where they will return to.

Our nursery/kindergarten classes enjoy a snack prepared at home and brought in a basket. Lunch is a meal prepared together and shared together - usually in the form of an organic soup, homemade bread or grain. The grades children savor both a mid-morning snack and lunch from home. A communal table is shared by all children in our school as they converse and relish tasty, wholesome treats. Growing brains need nourishment – organic fruits, vegetables & grains are favorites.

In an attempt to reduce waste, children are encouraged to use canteens, cloth napkins and snack bags, recycled glass jars and stainless steel containers. Some favorite products include: semilla snack bags, klean kanteen and sigg .