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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Tooth Fairy's first visit

Raven lost his first tooth at school yesterday - his friend Emerson kindly offered to pull it out. He's been anticipating this event for quite sometime, as his friends have all started to lose their teeth as well.  It is believed that the loss of teeth, amongst other physical and emotional changes in children from 5-7 years of age, is an indicator that children are ending a physical cycle which started in their mother's womb. This is a period of rapid physical growth that should be fostered with imaginary play and nurturing of the body through wholesome food, plenty of rest, and warmth.   As Raven starts making his way into the next cycle of life, he is ready for an environment that requires more concentration and less physicalness.  The Waldorf philosophy respects this development by introducing academics in the first grade.